About the project

Two Aspects

(Three Pieces①13min, ②22min,③30min )
Osanai Yumi (Japan; Winner of Yokohama Dance Collection R 2009 and 2010)
Ro KyungAe (Korea; Winner of Seoul Dance Collection 2010)
Dancer: Jeong EonJin (정언진), Yuriko Harada,Yumi Osanai
Premiere: Seoul, Korea(2011) Yokohama/Aomori(2012)

●About the project●
Yokohama Dance Collection and Seoul Dance Collection are the leading
contemporary dance competitions in Japan and Korea. Now prize-winning
choreographers from both competitions will bring the dance compositions
that were the fruit of a month-long residence in Korea to Yokohama for
further intensification and polishing. What form will these works, inspired
by the creative processes of two choreographers of very different backgrounds.