About the project

Hidden Sense

Creation year:2015/2016
Choreographer:Yumi Osanai
Performer:Yuika Hashimoto, Yumi Osanai
Sound:Roeland Luyten
Adviser: Heine Avdal &Yukiko Shinozaki,

Partners & contribution: fieldworks, workspacebrussels, Pola Art Foundation,
Residencies and rehearsal spaces: fieldworks, ROSAS, Ultima Vez, PARTS
Premier: Brussels, Belgium(2016) @fieldworks studio
Performance:Brussels, Belgium(2016) @ sign6

‘‘Hidden Sense’ came from my experience in Brussels. I was offered to create a new work within the huge space of an abandoned factory.I felt drawn to its pitch-darkness. This womb-like environment felt comfortable, outside noises came in as pleasant sounds. As I let my body move in this darkness, I gradually lost the sense of boundary between my surroundings and me. Some of my senses were muffled and others were enhanced, this is the feeling I have tried to recreate through this work.As your sight is restrained, the edge of things gets blurred and your judgments are temporarily suspended.